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Over the last 34 years, Lake Data Center, Inc. has seen a great deal of change in the computer industry. Lake Data Center was one of the first companies to bring mainframe computing to Central Florida and has provided hundreds of businesses, including government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, retailing, and agriculture computer consulting and programming services over the last 34 years. In addition to consulting, Lake Data Center, Inc. has specialized in providing payroll services to various small and medium businesses throughout Central Florida. Today, Lake Data Center, has the resources and internal knowledge to help your business solve its computing problems.

Lake Data Center was incorporated in 1971 by David Ohnstad. David received Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Finance from the University of Florida. David was one of the computing pioneers in Lake County Florida and was the driving force behind much of the initial computer development of over hundreds of Lake County businesses. Over the years Lake Data Center has provided multiple information services to businesses and has become known as the one local IT firm that can help businesses solve their IT problems.

In 2006 Jay Clark began working for Lake Data Center. Jay received his bachelors degree from the University of Dayton majoring in Management of Information Systems and has a Masters degree in Business Administration from Baker University. Jay has held several key positions in the Telecommunications and Information Technology sectors.